Friday, August 19, 2011

New Additions

 My pride and joy! This shutter cabinet took many hours of my life this past week, but it was worth it! These shutters were the ones I pictured in an earlier blog. The pic below shows the inside. It would be great storage for linens, crafts, office supplies, you name it! SOLD!!

 New bench! SOLD!!!
 Another new bench and many frames! Bench SOLD! Large chicken wire frame SOLD.
 These two green chalkboards are just fabulous aren't they? The big one is SOLD!
 Without chalk this looks a bit like a television, but I was making sure the paint was cured before trying it out.  SOLD!

 This little table is made from an antique milk crate.  It reminds me of WALL-E! SOLD!
 This is the view looking down through the milk crate table.
 Large white chalkboard SOLD!

I had a sale this week and it wasn't as successful as I had hoped. But, alas! There is a flea market in downtown Grand Rapids I am planning to sell my stuff at next week Thursday.  Check out what I have created over the past week!

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