Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cast Iron Ottoman

I rescued the base of this ottoman from my in-laws' scrap yard. It is the base to an old cast-iron woodstove. It required a few new bolts, a wire brush cleaning and fresh coat of black paint, but I think it may be one of my best so far! Priced at $75! The dimensions are 22" x 25" and 14" tall.


  1. Your ottoman is awesome! I rarely find anything so cool.
    Love your shutter cupboard, and your benches are really nice too.
    Love that Kreg Jig! I made a itty bitty bench yesterday. :)

  2. A few months ago i found a cast iron base similar to this one. The idea was to turn it in to an ottoman but for the life of me i can't come up with a way to attach the top! I had some metal bars fabricated but to no avail, i can't find anyone willing to weld them for me :( So my question is....how did you attach the the top?

  3. Frankie,
    That was the tricky part for sure! I ended up using straight (or offset) brackets. I screwed one side into the wooden underside of the cushion and let half of it hang over the edge. I did this with the ottoman upside down as it would be if the cushion was attached. I could access the wooden bottom of the cushion from inside the cast iron frame. When I screwed the brackets into place (2 on each side), the tension from the piece that hung over onto the cast iron was all that was need to attach it securely. I hope this helps. I have attached a link to a picture of the type of brackets I used, except my brackets were more like 2-3" long to provide enough stability and tension on the cast iron.


  4. Thank you! that will definitely help. I thought for sure i had met my match....again thank you.