Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New projects!

This is my second bench construction for this week. The other one I built this week is exactly like the first bench I built. Do you think I should upholster this one with a thick piece of foam? The seat of the bench will be pretty low, since this was a VERY old bed. I was actually thinking about not painting this one. What do you think?

 I got to use my new pocket hole jig to construct this one! Yes, a tool just for me!!! This pocket hole system makes for a very sturdy piece of furniture.

 I bought two of these chairs at a garage sale. They are sturdy, well made, and just begging for a couple coats of paint and some classy fabric.

 I found these two vintage folding chairs to go with the checkerboard table.  I was hoping to find a pair of old patio chairs, but they all seem to be too short.  I like the lines and shape of these two little chairs.

 I bought 6 of these OLD shutters at a barn sale!!! I think I'm going to use four of them to build a cabinet.  Stay tuned....

 This beautiful door has the original glass and door knobs.  I'm not yet certain of what I'll do with this one.  Any ideas/requests???

Here is a whole stack of cabinet doors, frames and misc. wood pieces, just waiting for a new purpose. I might do some chalk boards, and perhaps a custom painting on the four matching cherry doors. Oh yes, I am an artist too, or at least I pretend to be one on tv ;)

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