Saturday, July 23, 2011

Break is over!

For those of you that don't know, I am an unemployed teacher, college student, mother, wife, and many other roles.  I have spent the last couple of weeks working on my masters project for my masters in reading. I managed to sneak in a couple of days of picking and garage sales, but have not worked on any furniture for awhile.  During my bargain hunting, I snagged a ton of items, only spending a total of $13!!! Here's what I've found: A stack of 4' tall old wooden shutters (I think there are 6 or 7 of them), an antique door with horizontal glass panes and the original black ceramic knobs, 6 cabinet doors (some oak, some cherry), misc. oak/maple shelving and wood pieces, two vintage folding chairs (to go with that blue checkerboard table), and two armchairs.  Can you believe it? Only $13 for all that stuff! I will post pics later today.

Anybody have any ideas for my big shutters? I was thinking about making a tall, square cabinet with them, or maybe a headboard.

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